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Sometimes at the camp there was often seen a huge pot which was filled with the weapons of past masters of the school, some of which may be several hundred years old. During the ritual the master would take a ladle of water from this pot and anoint his student with it.  The student has to accept the responsibility for the art and for the school and must promise not harm either or he shall be expelled. The oath which the student takes, roughly translated is as follows:

The Oath

  • "We have come to worship the teacher and to solemnly promise  to be honest disciples. 

  • We will respect you and have complete trust in you, Sir. We will treasure all traditions, rules and everything  we will learn from you.

  • We will make your style and technique our own.

  • We will never think, say or do anything to harm the camp or our friends.

  • We swear that our words are honest and to be kept forever. Earth, heaven and the four directions are our witness.

  • We beg you to protect us always, with our bodies and our words and our soil.

  • Thus, we beg you to teach us everything you know to help us to succeed, to protect us from dangers and bless us with love and happiness forever."

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Praying before the statue of Buddhai at the ruins of Ayuddhaya

King Taksin attacks the Burmese in the final turning point of a 15 year war to drive the Burmese from Siam

Famous battle between the Prince's of & Burma and Siam on war elephants

Por Kruh Samai & Tony Moore pose for a photo in front of the painting of the King of Thailand

Tony Moore recieves his red sash from the Buddhai Sawan


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