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It was in1767 A.D., that the invading Burmese armies finally brought down Ayutthaya after a brutal prolonged battle. The Buddhai Sawan was left unscathed as the Burmese troops took cover inside the compound as the entire city burned all around them. It survived the devastation and destruction that had befallen the great kingdom but it marked the sad end to what was now to become a relic that remained forever lodged in hearts of the Siamese people. Soon after, General Phraya Taksin and his followers fought their way out of the fallen city and set up a base in a small port on the west bank of the Chaophraya river. He carefully rebuilt his army and soon had the power to drive the Burmese back across the border retaking the capital city. It was then the now King Taksin decided not to return to Ayutthaya but instead shift the capitol south to Thonburi where the present Buddhai Sawan now stands. (see Hero's, also Battles & Wars).  

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